For the Creatives & the Followers



‘Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box

Deepak Chopra.

For the Followers:

This post is dedicated to my 8 followers (those who clicked on that small icon marked follow so they could be notified whenever a new post goes up).Its for the 44 people in the European union countries that clicked on my previous post, the 23 in Norway, the 9 in the U.K, the 6 in Qatar, the 5 in Australia, the 40 in the States, & the 800 in Kenya all who have read and re-shared.

My previous post was read 1,100 times. The one before that, 878 times. The stats are as I have listed. I was stunned, and humbled. But more humbled than stunned. So this post too is for the 4 people who clicked on my blog last night to see what I have been upto. Its for those who have the courage to email and ask when new posts are coming up, why my last blog post was in November last year and why I have not been writing (I am sorry).

I feel very apologetic because I have a gift that I do not put to use often. Admittedly I have struggled with consistency, managing to be consistently inconsistent with my writing. I love writing but putting in the time has been my challenge. I do not want to be the guy who lets his talent sit inactive and does not nurture it eventually that it loses meaning and now am stuck with getting it back up -> <- 

I want to be bold and fearless with my writing. I want to write, and write some more. I want to put in the extra time.. so please dear followers, I encourage you to share with me any topics that you may want me to write about. Let this be your platform. Your voice. Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, for retweeting, for sharing and for following.

For the creatives:

Who is a creative? A creative (n) is  as a thought process leader. An artistic individual, an influencer of people through their innate gifts and talents. A creative may be a writer, a photographer, a designer, a painter, a song writer, a singer. Basically someone who colors the world with beauty and life. A creative see the world in a new and sometimes different light, we at one time struggle with mental block. As do I.

Most times mental block is as a  result of the interconnection between the emotional and personal life of the creative. We creatives are troubled human beings who constantly struggle with over thinking, fear of public failure, fear of not being good enough (atelophobia) and so on. Sometimes the deep and dark thoughts are overwhelming in the midst of the creation process. So here are some life hacks for the creatives …

Learn to work and deliver through the chaos that life bring. Life can be super chaotic with so much happening and people demanding a lot from you in all aspects of your life. Strive for a balance. Let your habits work for you as you figure out the best routine or structure and ice all that with spontaneity.

Find what motivates you and constantly refuel yourself with it by chasing it and amping yourself with it. It may be an amazing book, a documentary, dinner with someone whose company you cherish, a walk in the rain or a long drive alone. Chase your motivation and chase it fiercely!

Cultivate and grow your art. Consider taking up a class that is purely unconventional but related to what you love. A social media class for  creatives would come in handy or you may volunteer to be a photographer’s assistant if you are into wedding photography so as to learn the ropes. In short, learn your craft so you may be the best in what you do.

So there you have it folks… keep following and keep creating!


**photo credit: @laptopsandlatte on Instagram**


5 thoughts on “For the Creatives & the Followers

  1. What life hack works for this kind of creative?one who is good at more than one form of art.actually more than good .one who is multi talented and yet there is no time to he creative in all areas. So does he pick one or two and leave the rest? Does he engage in all at once?

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    1. thank you for such an honest question Justin.. I too struggle with that. Art & Writing…it can get very over whelming balancing the two – you know what they say about being a jack of all trades and a master of none. But you know what? Be bold, dive in the deep end and let us learn to swim with the sharks.

      You can email me and share with me your artistic interests.


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